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Barend Jungerius is owner of, a service that enables local business to create a website based on social media content. These “zites” are optimised for Google and look great on any device. Barend has several pages on ZEEF such as Frido van Driem contacted him and asked him to share his experience about ZEEF.

How did you find out about

Via a startup competition I read about on The Next Web.

What was your initial reaction?

It looked very interesting but also quite abstract. It wasn’t really clear in the beginning what I could do on ZEEF. I started reading the information on and this helped me with understanding the concept. On the homepage you provide a slider but this is too much information. After creating a page on ZEEF I understood the value of it and what I could do with it.

What are the benefits of using ZEEF for you?

I believe in the concept of ZEEF and support what you are doing. I am familiar with Startpagina but nowadays the website does not provide any relevant content for me. With all this information online I cannot see the forest through the trees so in that sense ZEEF is an excellent platform. Usually you have collected some information about a subject, ZEEF offers the possibility to put this all in one place.

How was the process of creating a ZEEF page?

The process went very easy, I had my ZEEF page up and running quite quickly. I only think that the requirement of creating six link blocks and 30 links before publishing is quite high. On the other hand I understand that it is necessary to raise the bar to keep the quality of the pages high. The requirement for adding six link blocks forces you right from the start to create good sub categories.

I believe ZEEF is also a new online social profile next to LinkedIn and I see it as an extension of my online profile and I can show people my expertise and skills. As a user I find it very convenient that all my information is stored in one place. Next to that I also receive link suggestions from other users. The drag and drop functionality is very useful. ZEEF offers me an extra platform to broadcast my products without being obtrusive.

What improvements would you like to see?

Two words: mobile & social. On the iPad ZEEF works perfect except for the dragging and dropping link blocks. I also would like to see the website working smoothly on mobile. I think the blocks can be ideally displayed on mobile. In terms of social I am missing the functionality of liking a ZEEF page just like Facebook. Next, I want to see what other people are liking and pages they are following.

In terms of other improvements, I think that adding a link and changing the title takes a lot of time. Providing title suggestions would speed up this process. But I have heard you have already implemented this feature [See Mirrored blocks and title suggestions]. Also the embedding of link blocks from other ZEEF pages on my pages is a great improvement. But the most important improvement would be to make ZEEF responsive. It should be functional on your mobile.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF were?

It was not clear that you had different types of ZEEF pages like personal, company and subject. When clicking on create a page I don’t see any difference. I would suggest to create different templates for these three types of pages.  Also I discovered later on after viewing Looking back I think it is better to first read and then start using This would prevent a lot of misconceptions. A short video about the concept of ZEEF pages would also help.

Is it clear that you can earn money with ZEEF?

No, I realised this later on. I cannot see anything in my dashboard about earnings and how this process works. I don’t have a feeling that this is working because I haven’t provided any banking credentials.  But I do want to emphasise that creating a page on ZEEF is mostly fun and not about making money or so. If you are passionate about a certain subject you should start a page on ZEEF!

Do you have any questions?

Yes it is about login. I had signed up with Twitter but now with every new session I have to authorise ZEEF on Twitter as admin. This is quite irritating. I also could not find out how I could connect a social login with an email login.

Next, concerning the statistics, I would like to see the statistics of a single page instead of all statistics of my pages combined. Also I would like to know what kind of keywords people use to find my page on ZEEF. Finally I would like to see an explanation about the meaning of the statistics. For example what is the difference between a view and a visit?

Importing your favourite bookmarks from your web browser to ZEEF would be a great feature [This is now possible through import multiple link].  Also when you add a link about a company, send them an email that their website has been added to

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