Personal Page presentation at InHolland University

The Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam invited ZEEF to give both presentations and workshops about Personal Pages.

The Personal Page feature at is interesting for Bachelor Degree students to use as a tool in order to build their online presence and profile themselves online.

Personal Page Presentation

The system of ZEEF; creating, adding and categorizing links enables the students to communicate in an innovative and creative way and helps them to differentiate from other students during job interviews for their internships. You can easily create link blocks like: education, work experience, languages etc. ZEEF allows you to create one clear overview of your expertise. ZEEF will count each click for you so you will be able to determine which links are most important.

Personal Page used as a tool to optimize chances in career

Internship coordinators of the faculties International Business Innovation, International Communication Management and Facility Management are enthusiastic about the feature because it helps students to not only build their personal social profile but also to curate and monitor the other social networks. The option to import your existing social profiles (like; LinkedIn,, Twitter etc.) will help students stay organised and up to date.

Blocks Personal Page

Majorie Roels – Lecturer, Coach and Coordinator InHolland University

Majorie RoelsThe Personal Page tool helps our students by encouraging them to communicate and develop their skills on a multi-dimensional platform. We think ZEEF is a possible future way of working because of the ability to add any public link. It enables the students to add any videos, documents, websites which are beneficial for their reputation. The faculty Facility Management also invited ZEEF to present to graduated Bachelor Degree students in order to motivate them to profile themselves online and increase the chance of selection.

Helene Ellerkamp – Lecturer and Coach InHolland University

Helene EllerkampThe internship coordinator of the faculty Facility Management contacted me about ZEEF and this is how I got to know their Personal Page feature. I think it enables the students to present their skills in different ways than they are used to, this helps them to differentiate from other students. During the class ‘How to find an internship’ we introduce ZEEF in order to increase the chance on selection regarding their internship processes.

Martijn Mesman – Lecturer Leisure Management InHolland University

Martijn MesmanI invited Christina Buter Lozano from ZEEF to present the feature during the ‘different types of social profiles’ class. What I like about ZEEF is that it’s also a way to bookmark your interests and existing social profiles. Students often maintain various personal social networks already, the Personal Page enables them to combine the profiles with skills transferred into links so it can be different types of material like; video, documents, pictures, links etc.


Example Personal Page: Jasper Lensen InHolland student.

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