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(VIDEO) Review ZEEF – What is ZEEF and what can you do with it?

Helping other people find quality information! Today there is so much information online that you cannot see the trees through the forest.

The internet startup ZEEF would like to make a change in this. They combine human knowledge/expertise and customer rating to help consumers find the best products and services online.

ZEEF facilitates a link directory to support consumers in their buying decision. The links within the directory are ranked and rated by a range of experts. Experts are able to earn an affiliate commission through the use of affiliate networks and direct advertising.

Do you have a lot of passion or posses a lot of knowledge about a specific subject? Start today with creating your own ZEEF page. What this is and what you can do with it will be explained by Bennie in this tutorial with video review.

For who is ZEEF?

ZEEF can be used by anyone. But it is especially suitable for:

  1. Experts or hobbyists who would like to share and express their passion in specific sectors and to help other people find quality information.
  2. Companies and advertisers using ZEEF to show cast their products and services (use ZEEF as sitemap)
  3. Affiliate Marketeers and networks, who are able to use the curated subjects within ZEEF.
  4. Bloggers and publishers who would like to monetize their content on their website. They are able to make use of the ZEEF Widget – curated advertising.

I am using ZEEF as a supplement to my website, portfolio and expertise in WordPress. By making use of ZEEF, I can increase my brand recognition, authorithy in Google and provide people with curated content. And most importantly, ZEEF is free to use.

What can I find on ZEEF?

On ZEEF you can find a range of different topics. This information is presented in a so called link directory. These link directories are being filtered by people. It is people to follow certain page to keep up to date about the latest developments. You will automatically receive an email with the latest changes and additions to the page. It is possible to make different kind of pages. You are able to create a personal page, subject page or company page. Next, it is possible to create a in Dutch or in English.

How does ZEEF work for a visitor?

Every ZEEF page contains multiple link blocks (Widgets), these link blocks are all adjustable and can be embedded on your website (see below). Suggesting a URL is very simple, especially due to the search function of Google Inline.

For a visitor there is a range of information and specific data about subject, companies and people. Because there are multiple curators on the same subject, a fair competition is created. As a result the quality of the information is increased for the visitor.


How does ZEEF work for an Expert?

I applied to ZEEF a while back as an Expert on WordPress. In the beginning I had to get used to the idea and didn’t knew exactly what I should do with it. But this became pretty clear after reading the FAQ and viewing some example ZEEF pages (which is announced on the home page slider).

Links are easy to adapt and drag (drag and drop). Next to adding links, it is possible to add text and images to your ZEEF page. Experts are able to see how many clicks their link have received. On every ZEEF page statistics are being shown like the amount of views, followers, comments and clicks (see below).

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 16.15.10

Video tutorial ZEEF

In this video tutorial Bennie will show step by step what you as a visitor and curator can do with ZEEF. How can you apply ZEEF for your expertise or passion?

The tutorial will cover the following subjects:

  1. What can you do with ZEEF?
  2. For who is ZEEF?
  3. How does ZEEF work?

Benefits ZEEF

  • Simple and easy to create a page
  • Able to share your passion and knowledge
  • Easy high ranking in Google
  • Creates more value than Twitter
  • Sense of value for products and services
  • Easy navigation via the categorisch

Disadvantages of ZEEF

I cannot recall any disadvantages of ZEEF. Simply because their design is so simple and easy to use. However, in a conversation I had with ZEEF I do pointed out that I would like to follow certain pages. In the next version, this was already implemented and fixed. Next, it is not possible to delete ZEEF pages but the team is working hard to fix this.

Conclusion ZEEF

As a starting entrepreneur you do not have enough resources and money to promote your company. ZEEF offers a nice solution. ZEEF contributes to the brand recognition of your company and support your expertise and passion. ZEEF allows you to share your expertise with the rest of the world.

Own experience with ZEEF

Bennie Mellies is making use of the products and services of ZEEF for quite a while. Bennie is registered as an expert on WordPress and is very positive about the service. A few weeks ago Bennie was approached by an employee of ZEEF; Frido van Driem, for an interview.

The interview and personal experience of Bennie can be read here:


Final remark

Start today with creating your own ZEEF page. You are able to create a company page, subject page or personal page. And the beauty of this is that the ZEEF team is working around the clock to keep adding new features.

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Thank you!


 Ps. This blogpost has been written by Bennie Mellies and has been translated from it original format. The original blogpost can be found at Bennie Mellies.

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