Traditional vs Curated Advertising

Bloggers are constantly looking for more ethical ways to monetize their content. They consider advertisements as an inevitable suffering to keep their passionate work profitable. Lots of blogs use traditional advertising which most of the time is irrelevant and therefore annoying. Wouldn’t it be great if the advertisements match the contents of your blog?

Meet curated advertisements! They provide you with relevant ads without privacy concerns. Such advertisements are filtered by humans, not by algorithms. As a blogger you can select an advertisement that matches your content. It is proven that people are better in selecting information than machines. By using curated advertisements, your visitors engage with your ads, instead of being spammed.

At ZEEF, we tested ZEEF Widget vs Google AdSense on Bauke’s blog. The results showed that the click through ratio (CTR) of a curated ad is considerably higher than Google AdSense (1500% higher). That means that in addition to a happier readership you increase your monetization rate just to keep yourself motivated to write about your passion.

Infograph traditional vs curated

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