Interview with Bennie Mellies

“ZEEF helps me to showcase my expertise”

Bennie Mellies

Bennie Mellies is a WordPress expert & consultant on different expert platforms. He is the founder of Bennie Mellies and Benn-i-Productions. He has a Bachelor Degree in Business IT and started using ZEEF to showcase his expertise and share his knowledge with his clients. ZEEF Expert Manager, Frido van Driem, caught up with Bennie for an interview and asked him to share on his experience in using the ZEEF platform.

How did you find out about

I discovered ZEEF via I have been active on this platform for quite a while as WordPress expert. I read the blogpost about the new partnership between ZEEF and 24Sessions and was immediately interested in the concept of ZEEF.

What was your initial reaction to ZEEF?

My first reaction was ‘what can I do with ZEEF’? What is it exactly that ZEEF is offering? I soon discovered this after reading the homepage but it took me a while to understand the concept. I quickly began creating multiple pages. When creating the pages it was not clear that there was an affiliate model behind it. Also it was not clear that you were able to use your own affiliate links. After I discovered that this was possible and that I could make use of your affiliate network aggregator, I was very excited about ZEEF. The product is very easy to use and the interface is very clean. It is especially very simple to add links. I do found it a challenge to add my ebooks in ZEEF but with some knowledge about HTML, I was able to solve this problem pretty quick.

What are the benefits of using ZEEF for you?

For me ZEEF contributes to my branding and name recognition of my company. Next, it increases my exposure on the internet and helps visitors find my company. Furthermore, the affiliate model is a great benefit and that I am able to embed widgets from ZEEF on my website. For example I have embedded a link block on my blog about top 10 WordPress themes. Also being able to use link blocks from other ZEEF users is a really great benefit for me. ZEEF also expands my network since the site itself is growing and will draw more visitors, this will expands my network. In that way ZEEF is ideal to attract new customers. I also like the idea that I am able to combine 24sessions with ZEEF. The expertise I am offering on 24sessions can be displayed on ZEEF and I can redirect people to my ZEEF page to find useful resources. Finally, ZEEF allows me to showcase my expertise on specific subjects.

All in all, you are making my work a lot easier. I don’t need to create new widgets I can simply use others and the information is also up to date.

How was the process of creating a page?

Before I created a ZEEF page, I had a look at some of the examples on your home page. The page from Robin Good was a very good example and helped me with how to create a ZEEF page and make it personal. After that I created a separate text document in which I placed all the links I wanted to use. Then I started creating categories and dropping the links. This process went very fast and had my ZEEF page finished within an hour.

What improvements would you like to see?

I had created a page and it was published. After that I wanted to delete the page but this was not possible. It would be really great if a user is able to delete a page. Besides that, I really had a great time using ZEEF and it was actually quite fun. You immediately see the results when you start creating a ZEEF page. Also your customer support was also very good. If I had a question I immediately got a response from you.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF are?

Yes this was very clear. The FAQ was also very usefull and I got to find all the information I was looking for. Next the slider on the homepage was clear and provided me the information about the products of ZEEF.

Were you aware that you are able to earn money with ZEEF?

No not immediately. This surprised me later on and made ZEEF even more cooler. When I discovered you could earn money with ZEEF through the use of affiliate links I got even more motivated to start a ZEEF page. Also the fact that you actively connect new affiliate networks to your aggregator makes it attractive to make use of your products and services. You can compare ZEEF with the Dutch but only better. ZEEF is more easy to use and offers more possibilities.

Do you have any questions?

Yes! Do you detect when I create a page whether this is a personal, subject or a company page?

No we do not detect this but in the future we will have different templates for these different products.

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