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ShareASale affiliate program for ZEEF

We believe more people equals more fun and interaction for everyone, so we’ve thought about how we could give this a boost and came up with a great solution.

We’ve worked really hard on setting up our own affiliate program with ShareASale, so you can help us attract more people. Because our incredible users, like you, know best what motivates someone to sign up for ZEEF, we’d like to invite you to our affiliate program. Of course we want to reward you for your efforts, so we’re giving a reward of $10 per published page by a user you’ve referred to us and $1 for every expert that signs up without publishing a page.

Do you want to learn more or just get into contact with us to discuss how you can help us? We’d love to help you with your strategy, so just add our special Skype account for our affiliate program and give us a call! 🙂

We believe in the tremendous power and capabilities of people compared to algorithms and believe that, with your help, we can bring ZEEF to the next level. Spread the word about ZEEF and start right now!

Looking forward to working together with you!


  • Earn $10 for every user that publishes a page
  • Earn $1 for every new user signup
  • Earn $1 for every affiliate you recruit for our affiliate program


  • Skype: ZEEFAffiliateSupport
  • Email:

Are you interested? Please join our affiliate program here.

ps: we are working hard on a new ZEEF release, expect some nice features and a much snappier interface soon!


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