Press coverage and downtime this morning

We sent out a press release to the Dutch press yesterday about our founder Klaas Joosten. It is being picked up really well with publications at large Dutch marketing blogs like Emerce and Adformatie (Thanks!). We also expect an article in one of the bigger Dutch newspapers tomorrow. Unfortunately we also experienced some downtime this morning, was this related?

The article in Emerce focuses on our embedded link blocks and explains both the similarities and differences between ZEEF and Startpagina. According to Emerce, the ‘magic’ of ZEEF is connecting advertisers to our lists. These articles have given us a nice increase in visitors and (more importantly) they have also boosted the number of high quality pages being created! As expected, a number of these pages are in Dutch. We are still focusing only on the US market for now, but we will start accepting Dutch pages around late 2013/early 2014.

Just an hour after the article at Emerce was published, experienced some downtime. Although there were a lot more visitors on the site than usual, it appeared this wasn’t related to the downtime. At the time ZEEF went down, we were receiving a large amount of suspicious traffic from Bulgaria on our TechCrunch page. After blocking the offending IP addresses, ZEEF was stable again. We are working on a number of improvements to protect ourselves against this kind of problem. The timing was very unfortunate given the amount of attention we were receiving at the moment.

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