Content curator reviews ZEEF

Robin Good, our expert on Content Curation, has written a review about ZEEF. As we are very happy with his feedback, we would like to share this review with you!

Robin GoodZEEF is a new web service which allows you to create top link lists on any topic and to group them into useful resources pages.

Each ZEEF page contains multiple link blocks, which you can edit and customize to cover different set of resources for your selected topic. Not only you can simply add a URL and have it instantly added to a link block, but you can also search Google inline, see all the relevant results, and flag all the relevant ones for instant import into any link block.

Link items can be easily dragged and dropped in different positions, and link blogs can be also be easily repositioned on the page in your preferred order.

Text blocks can also be created, to create information modules in which you provide textual information only.

These link lists can then be shared and embedded on other sites, and have been designed to behave in a fashion similar to Google AdSense ad blocks. More specifically: link block content would be triggered by the page context and link blocks can carry affiliate or commercial links.

Finally, a supercool feature allows you to import any web site site structure into ZEEF, and to have it auto-organized into link blocks, which you can further edit and arrange as you wish. Powerful.

My comment: Useful tools need not be very complicated. ZEEF is a very simple but extremely useful tool as it leverages true experts in competition among themselves (there can be more than one page and more than expert for any topic) and crowdsourced metrics (what people click on) to provide highly curated selections of the best resources on any possible topic.

ZEEF is excellent for:

  1. experts wanting to share and showcase their competence in specific sectors while providing a useful service
  2. bloggers wanting to enrich the value of their content by providing contextually relevant top-ten link lists
  3. companies / advertisers desiring to leverage this tool to provide a highly effective access map to their best content, offers, info and services. See:
  4. affiliate marketers and affiliate networks desiring to select categories / lists of links rated by experts and wanting to place them on their pages

I highly recommend using ZEEF to rapidly organize the best resources on any topic in an effective, useful fashion.

The only addition I’d make to ZEEF, would be an optional description-opinion one-liner that an expert can associate to each link he provides. This short info, even within 144 characters, could provide a lot of additional value to the already useful link blocks.

I sincerely hope that the commercial / revenue-making component of ZEEF doesn’t corrupt on otherwise very promising tool.

Thanks a lot for the kind words and useful feedback, Robin!

Reposted from with permission of Robin Good.

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