ZEEF at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Great atmosphere, lots of interesting startups, inspiring speakers and great parties: TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013. Last week we had a great time at the conference, at which we were exhibiting with ZEEF at the Startup Alley. As preparation Frido made

For us TechCrunch started on Sunday with the presentations of the Hackathon. More than 250 hacks were presented to the audience. Hacks included some useful ideas, but also hacks you won’t forget soon… The winning team built a service to improve reading comprehension called Spruce. The runner-up Cloudiverse has an interesting idea to increase security when using cloud storage by encrypting and splitting up files across multiple services.

Fireside chat with SV AngelOn Monday the conference itself started with a fireside chat with SV Angel’s Ron Conway, David Lee and Brian Prokorny. Sir Michael Moritz (Sequoia Capital) gave a keynote on the impact of technology and data. After that we browsed the Startup Alley where several startups are exhibiting their ideas. For us this was also useful as inspiration for Tuesday when we were exhibiting ourselves. Our favorite startups on Monday: PEER and Listicle. In the afternoon the first session of the Startup Battlefield took place. Especially Voxel (interactive ads for mobile apps) and Cota (wireless charging) were great!

ZEEF boothTuesday was the most important day for us, ZEEF was exhibiting at the Startup Alley! We arrived early to set up our booth, which was on a great location. We wanted to be noticed, so we dressed up in these very nice suits, it was very hard to miss us. A lot of people came by our booth, most of them very positive about our idea and product. We gave tons of demos using our pages about TechCrunch Disrupt, Amsterdam, Photography, Apple and Klaas’ personal page. ZEEF was also featured in the TechCrunch movie about the Startup Alley, watch Klaas explain ZEEF in front of the camera. This day was very tiring, but definitely worth it!

Mark ZuckerbergOn the last day we were still a bit tired, so we started with watching some talks. The chat with Vinod Khosla was very fun, according to him most board members hurt startups. The alley on Wednesday was all about hardware, featuring gadgets and useful tools. Highlights were the Tempo Automation and the winner Estimote Beacons. In the afternoon two big names were on stage: Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), good to see them speak. Did you know Yahoo! receives as much resumes as they have employees nowadays? The very last event was the party at Folsom 1015 where we had a lot of fun!

We are currently working on connecting with all people we met and catching up with everything that happened in Amsterdam. On Sunday we will fly back to Amsterdam. It was an awesome event: thank you TechCrunch!

ps: Did you know ZEEF managed to get a foothold in Michael Manos‘ (CTO AOL) brain?

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