ZEEF off to the next round in The Next Web Startup Rally


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The Next Web Startup Rally

On 25th & 26th of April The Next Web Startup Rally will give 20 finalists the chance to launch or announce new products or services in front of a global audience. If selected we will have the possibility to present ZEEF on the main stage in front of a live audience of 2,000 people and an online audience of more than 20,000.

We are very excited to announce that ZEEF is off to the next round in the Startup Rally of The Next Web. In order to get pass through the next round we will need to upload our video pitch before 9th of March. In order to upload our best pitch, we will be posting our pitches on our blog and will allow you to vote which pitch is the best. The one that has the most votes will be send in for submission.

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