Pitching ZEEF using a moodboard

Pitching ZEEF using a moodboard for my minor entrepeneurship

For my minor entrepeneurship at the Amsterdam Centre of Entrepeneurship I had to pitch with a moodboard.


Try to imagine the number 51 million. That’s the amount of new websites that emerged in 2012. How do you find what you’re looking for in a dense forest like the world wide web?

A few weeks ago my washing machine stopped working and I desperately needed to buy a new one. I spend a lot of time Googling for a new washing machine, but didn’t manage to find what I need. It’s not clear anymore whether information is actually valuable, paid for to look valuable or the result of eager Search Engine Optimization guru’s.

Eventually I ended up going to the store to ask an expert for advice and ended up a happy customer with my new Samsung ECO Bubble.

We at ZEEF all encountered this problem a lot of times and wondered; where do we find a search engine that provides expert help?

We couldn’t find one.

With the help of passionate experts who filter and moderate links about their subject, we think we can offer the best results the world wide web has seen so far, making sure you buy the washing machine that really fits you for the right price.

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