ZEEF has been founded!


ZEEF founded on 1-1-2013


We believe the world wide web has evolved into a jungle for consumers, making it increasingly difficult and time consuming to find the best and most reliable available products and services online. When searching for products or services out of their daily comfort zone (e.g. eye laser surgery), consumers rely on the algorithm of search engines. Advice or reference from expert editors, bloggers and peers would be highly appreciated in the decision making process. Next to this, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has become a big game with high investments to obtain a first page position in Search Engin Result Pages (SERP). Today, not the quality of content and service, but SEO optimization techniques make the difference in ranking.

How does ZEEF work?

ZEEF will filter the world’s information with the help and expertise of passionate experts. Each expert is able to set up a page about his or her subject and start collecting and filtering links. This allows consumers to find the most useful information and the best products and services online.

What is ZEEF?

ZEEF is the next generation online link directory.

Our vision

Helping people filter the world’s information.

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